Our Training

We have a dedicated GAIA academy and Training Manager with a certified training programme, enabling therapists to achieve our week-long GAIA Essentials. GAIA training is an intense course of two weeks consisting of the Essentials and Advanced Training.

Depending on your business and your team, we are able to offer in-house certified training. Training is also given on products, customer journey, retail sales, customer profiling and delivering an exceptional service. GAIA product manuals and treatment manuals are issued to each therapist and each therapist will receive in depth training manuals, certification, samples and absolute passion to deliver GAIA to your clients.

Example Training Plan

Gaia Essentials - 1 week (5 days)
Day one
- The Gaia Brand
- Product Knowledge
- Customer Journey
- Consultation
- Foot Ritual
- Aftercare

Day Two
- Hot Stone Back Neck and Shoulder routine
- Back Ritual

Day Three
- Full Body Hot Stones including back routine
- Poultice massage

Day Four
- Jade Facial

Day 5
- Theory recap
- Practical sign off

GAIA Level 2 Advanced - 5 days
- Raindrop Therapy
- Crystal Therapy
- Total Holistic
- Product Knowledge
- Retail and Recommending

Host Training - 1 day
- Product knowledge
- Retail and recommending
- Up-selling
- Treatment knowledge
- Bookings
- Contraindications
- Customer service and journey