During the creation of Gaia, we thought carefully about which ingredients would physically work together and how would they make you feel.


There are many aspects that inform how we feel, including smell, colour, memories and touch. It’s said that our second brain is our emotional brain, or ‘gut feeling’. With this in mind, we wanted to create an elixir: a powerful ingredient that would feature in each of our products and nourish on an emotional level.

Our crystal elixir links back to Mother Earth and ancient wellness traditions informed by centuries of wisdom. While making an elixir, water absorbs a crystal’s unique energy pattern, potentialises it, and stores it.

The Gaia elixir is made using a bespoke blend of macerated and infused oils, combined with the vibrational and healing benefits of a citrine crystal. Citrine has been chosen for its emotional healing properties, and is often used in crystal therapy to treat the solar plexus chakra, known as the second brain.

Two to three drops of this precious elixir are added to all Gaia Spa skincare products in the final stages to aid emotional balance.