As Gaia evolved, we knew that the packaging we chose needed to reflect the quality of the product inside.

Mother Nature could only mean green and brown: grounding colours connecting us with the earth. The bamboo of our packaging is an earth energy colour, giving stability and warmth while also nourishing.

With a respect for the earth, we use a minimum of plastic and choose recycled materials where we can.

At Gaia Spa, we also offer a refill service for product containers to reduce the amount of packaging we use.

Bamboo Cosmetic Jars

For centuries, some parts of the world have been using bamboo for household articles and giftware.

Now, an increasing interest in eco-friendly materials has contributed to the “sustainable fashion” trend. Many cosmetic manufacturers are embracing new environmentally friendly packaging solutions, such as bamboo cosmetic jars.

Eco-friendly bamboo is the ideal packaging material for organically made products. Although some companies use “bamboo” that is actually painted glass or acrylic, our genuine bamboo containers display the characteristics of polished bamboo – wooden, unique, and toxin-free.

The creation of bamboo cosmetic containers is a three-step process. It starts with the careful selection of the best bamboo, before raw materials go through the blades of a cutting mill. The cut portions are then given to a skilled craftsman for decoration. Due to the natural form of the wood, there can be a variation in some of our lids, which personifies the uniqueness and personalisation of our packaging.

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