A guide to a happy face

A guide to a happy face

Using an oil based cleanser like the Gaia Cleansing Balm will help break down make up, dirt and sebum that build up on the surface level.

Use this time as an opportunity to give yourself a de-stressing massage.  Using long strokes from the centre of your face outwards, pulling up and out from your eyebrows and running your thumbs along your jawline will re-stimulate muscles, increasing blood flow and helping collagen production whilst the lymphatic drainage reduces toxins.

The Jade Roller gives similar benefits helping to brighten the complexion, improving circulation and skin tone, tightening pores, increasing blood circulation and assisting lymphatic drainage.

For a deeper cleanse use the Gaia Facial Wash to remove any remaining bacteria and clearing your skin ready to moisturise.

Just the act of touching your face with the palms of your hands has been found to increase the blood flow to parts of the brains prefrontal area activating feelings of positivity and happy emotions. Rich moisturising creams have been proven to achieve the most significant cerebral blood flow.  Facial massage removes negativity giving you a happy face..