About Us

Inspired by Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess known as mother nature, GAIA Skincare products are handmade in Britain using traditional production methods.

Our Story

Founded by Diane Nettleton in 2016, the vision was clear, to develop a brand which was built on friendships, connections, experiences, open hearts and consideration for others. A natural product and wellness brand, that would bring a higher level of wellness to the spa industry. 

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Our Products

Blending together the finest ingredients, plant actives and essential oils, GAIA products are full of intention and integrity. Each ingredient thoughtfully selected for its beneficial properties for the body and mind, how it will make you feel and what the ingredient will do. 

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Our Treatments

GAIA treatments have been created to meet the varied needs of modern individuals, using natural ingredients and highly skilled therapeutic techniques.

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Our Training

We have a dedicated GAIA academy and Training Manager with a certified training programme.

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Our products care for not only your wellbeing, but care for the environment and harness the benefits of nature.

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Becoming a Partner

GAIA has been developed through years of first-hand spa experience, research and dedication.

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