After 3 years of development, GAIA Skincare was founded in 2016 and launched at GAIA’s flagship spa at Boringdon Hall in Devon by founder Diane Nettleton. Having spent 30 years within the customer service industry, bringing contentment to guests and making friendships and connections along the way, Diane wanted to extend that into the spa industry, which brings a higher level of wellness and create a prestige natural product and wellness brand.

The GAIA brand has been developed through friendships, connections, experiences, open hearts and consideration for others. The roots of GAIA go back to Greek mythology and their natural approach to medicine. Gaia was the first Greek goddess, of Mother Nature and creator of planet earth. Mother Nature is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness and balance within the environment.

The GAIA range is natural with certified organic plant extracts, many of which are fair trade and sourced from small farms and producers. Our formulations have been created using traditional artisan methods of production that maintains practices to minimise any adverse effect of the environment without compromising on the consistency and quality of the range. Ingredients have been chosen for each blend to work together in harmony.

Blending together the finest ingredients, plant actives and essential oils, our products are full of intention and integrity and have been created to nourish and nurture. Each ingredient has been chosen for its beneficial properties for the body and mind, how it will make you feel and what the ingredient will do. 

The GAIA skincare range features three collections made with GAIA’s Awakening, Balancing and Calming blends. GAIA products do not contain parabens, sulphates, synthetic colours or fragrances, are made with natural and organic ingredients and no GAIA products have been tested on animals.

GAIA Skincare offers extensive expertise within the field of spa and wellness. Our treatment menu has been hand crafted with wellness at the forefront. GAIA is not just a brand, it is a total solution and how it makes you feel and we believe that GAIA creates a soul within the spa and that our treatments and products create lasting memories and feelings that can be taken anywhere.

Nurturing caring, thoughtful, maternal, compassionate 
Grounded natural, intuitive, rooted, balanced
Exceptional unforgettable, indulgent, unique, high quality 
Liberating open, inspiring, positive, flexible
Responsible trustworthy, capable, reliable, consistent

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