GAIA Partners

GAIA has been developed through years of first-hand spa experience, research and dedication by founder Diane Nettleton. Creating a natural spa brand of both treatments and products has taken time and consideration, combining ancient traditions and artisan methods, alongside the most natural ingredients possible.

The businesses we partner with are those that share our values in-line with the GAIA brand philosophy “Your wellness, naturally”. We believe in delivering exceptional guest experiences, the highest levels of service and offering our guests the time and space to nurture their wellness.

GAIA Treatments

Our treatments have been developed to meet the varied needs of modern life. We use effective natural ingredients and highly skilled therapeutic techniques.

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GAIA Training Academy

Your team will have a training schedule, tailored to your needs.

GAIA training includes a week long 'GAIA Essentials' course, as well as offering 'GAIA Advanced Training.'

Training is also given on products, customer journey, retail sales, customer profiling and delivering exceptional service. GAIA product manuals and treatment manuals are issued to each therapist.

  • Best training I've had in the industry, from delivery to the little touches and routine of treatments.

    Kelly from Somerset
  • Very high levle of teaching and accuracy. Amazing standard of knowledge and incredibly thorough.

    Debbie from Whiltshire
  • Having been a therapist for 22 years I've been very blessed to work along side some well know brands, having said that GAIA is just WOW!! I have never worked with a brand quite like it ever before.  

    Joanne from Dorset
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Becoming a GAIA Spa

A GAIA Spa is a special place, built to the highest standards, our brand standards are demonstrated throughout our flagship spa, Gaia Spa Boringdon.

A GAIA Spa is a place to feel protected, looked after and cared for, a place to escape the everyday, whether with friends and loved ones, or having time to oneself. A beautiful place, GAIA provides time and space to enhance wellbeing – on an emotional and physical level.

We offer spa management consultancy services enabling you to develop a successful spa business, through our support and guidance. Having built and operated spa's, our advice and support will also be based on our real world experience of the industry. We can develop and launch your spa, meaning you can operate your spa efficiently and profitably whilst continually exceeding guest expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a GAIA spa partner or stockist, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch here.

GAIA Amenities

We offer a range of amenities to spa and hotel partners. The natural and handmade products contain GAIA's signature awakening blend and bespoke elixir. GAIA Amenities are available in 200ml and 500ml sizes with pour or pump dispensers.  

Interested in becoming a GAIA Spa Partner? Get in touch with our team today.

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