Gaia products are locally made using artisan methods and natural ingredients.

 We know that in today’s world, it can be too easy to rush through our lives without stopping to breathe. Being mindful – setting aside time to think about what you’re eating, feeling, and putting on your skin ­– represents taking better care of yourself. Choosing natural products becomes part of a wider positive awareness: a healthy step towards real wellness.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and an incredible 60% of what you apply is absorbed into your bloodstream. It makes great sense to choose natural, organic products, but we know only too well that these can be tricky terms to interpret. While some ‘natural’ products contain just 1% natural ingredients, ours are at least 95% natural, with 5% organic ingredients.

Our certified organic ingredients are sustainably produced without agricultural chemicals and other synthetics. All can be traced from farm to product, and with a shorter supply chain they’re wonderfully fresh.

Handmade by people, using traditional artisan methods, our products are full of intention and integrity. Each ingredient has been chosen for a reason, with a focus on what it will do and how it will make you feel. Therapeutic combinations are carefully blended to achieve our desired intention: to awaken, balance or calm. Choose the product that suits your mood and feel your stresses melt away.

 Caring for your Products

To enjoy the full benefits of your products, we advise that you keep them away from direct sunlight, regularly wipe around the lids and use within nine months of opening.

 Animal testing

Since 2013, the EU has banned animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients. However in some countries outside the EU, including the USA and Asia, there are still no restrictions. We firmly believe that animals shouldn’t suffer so that people can look good. This means you can feel confident that all Gaia products and their ingredients haven’t been, and never will be, used on animals.

All Gaia products have been fully tested for stability and preservation and are EU compliant. We regularly visit our makers on the Dorset coast to watch products being hand made in beautiful surroundings. We know exactly what is in each product and where it has come from.