A little self-love

A little self-love

The first step to self-love is how you talk to, and about yourself.

February, the month of love, the month where we emphasising the importance of love in our lives, which is difficult at a time when we can’t see the ones we love. So, with mental health issues rising due to our current situation, prioritising our own wellbeing, and showing self-love is the best thing we can focus on.

What does self-love mean? Self-love means having a high regard for your own wellbeing and happiness. It means taking care of your own needs and not sacrifices to please other people and this could mean several different things to you because each person will view ways to look after themselves differently.

At GAIA, we always look to our values to help us evaluate and feel grounded again.

Nurturing - caring, thoughtful, maternal, compassionate.

Grounded - natural, intuitive, rooted, balanced.

Exceptional - unforgettable, indulgent, unique, high quality.

Liberating - open, inspiring, positive, flexible.

Responsible - trustworthy, capable, reliable, consistent.

In the quest for understanding how to self-love, there may be other positive and affirming words or quotes, that you could make note of, that resonate with you and help you to feel more connected with yourself and therefore how you speak about yourself. The act of talking to yourself aloud or mentally should positively impact, encourage and motivate you.

Take the time today to find the words that contribute to your self-love.