Clean Skincare

Clean Skincare

For health and planets sake opt for clean beauty...

There’s no doubt about it, clean skincare and beauty is creating waves and we’re more conscious than ever of what we put onto our skin (and effectively into our bodies) for the sake of our health and our planet.

The movement is only getting bigger and here at GAIA we’re proud to shout about our friendly blends. Much like having a healthy diet; our skin, bodies and our planet will thank us for all these things.

What does clean mean to us?

We do not formulate with any toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, synthetics and mineral oils and we do not use endangered sources, or test products on animals and are conscious of formulating vegan-friendly products.

Our ingredients are sourced from the earth’s sustainable resources; plants, flowers and naturally grown foods. We only use natural products including some organic, with minimal natural preservatives so that our products last the duration of recommended use.

Our products are only made with plant-based and organic ingredients (regulated with the soil association), made within a green setting. We opt-out of factory processes and opt-in for handmade artisan methods of production that care for and preserve the integrity of our ingredients, by grounding, melting and infusing them and with minimal heat processes.

We believe in the spiritual and well-being elements our products provide, so why wouldn’t they be made in the beautiful green countryside and fresh to order, our GAIA products are made with real human emotion.

Find a full list of our pure and simple Ingredientology here.