Find balance with mindfulness

Find balance with mindfulness

As life has returned to ‘normal’, back to the pre-pandemic pace of constant busyness, it’s important to prioritise your mental wellbeing, finding balance and calm in everyday life.

At GAIA we believe the health of your mind and body are equally as important, one without the other can leave you with a feeling of disparity. So, this month we are focusing on ways of healing our heads, reconnecting with mindfulness, and finding that equilibrium.

A great way to start is by practicing small mindful moments in everyday life, which encourage you to slow down and focus on yourself. At the end of a long day, why not light a calming candle? The warming glow combined with the rest-inducing aromatherapy blend of French Lavender will help you to relax. Or why not run a bath, adding a few drops of our Calming Bath Oil, with a blend of chamomile and orange blossom to soothe your mind. 

Calming Candle | £25

Taking time for yourself might feel like a frivolous pursuit, but it’s important to focus on your own wellbeing before supporting others. Learning to rest and prioritising doing nothing is important for quieting your mind and giving you time to sit with your thoughts, it has also been shown to allow space for your subconscious to expand and increase creativity.

Sleep is another key factor in supporting your mental wellbeing. Regular sleep patterns can help reduce stress and improve your mood. By creating a calming routine before you go to bed, such as finishing your skincare routine with a gentle face massage, switch your phone on to ‘do not disturb’ and spritz your pillow with Sleep Spray. The calming blend of French Lavendar and Vertivert will help create the perfect environment for you to drift off.

Sleep Spray 50ml | £18

Mindful practices and activities can also help you find balance and support your mental wellbeing. At GAIA we enjoy sitting down with a jigsaw to complete, a good book to read or a mindful colouring book to get creative with. Activities like these are wonderful for unplugging from our busy world and letting our mind escape for a while. Practicing yoga breathing or meditation are both wonderful ways to practice mindfulness too, helping to increase self-awareness and focusing on the present moment. The 20th May is World Meditation Day, so why not give it a go?