How gifting looks to us this year

How gifting looks to us this year

It has been a reflective year for us all, a time of change and with much uncertainty still ahead; so, spending your time and energy on things that bring inner peace, is your wellness, naturally.

Essential has become a frequently used word and consideration for how we go about our daily lives. Therefore, we believe that gifting this year should be purely essential to you and your loved ones, in contributing to what is needed for mind and body, and less about what is wanted for the sake of wanting. Gifts should be thoughtful, useful, and beneficial for health and wellbeing.

With that in mind, we have picked our top 5 favourite naturally essential Gaia gifts.

  1. For the stocking and for bath time bliss… gift The Christmas Cracker – Awakening Bath Oil 30ml. Bath time can be anytime of day, not always of an evening, and our signature awakening blend is the perfect uplift to start to the day, setting the right intentions, or to reset post-activity. 

  1. For nurturing and restoring the hands of all ages… gift the Handcare Set. An essential for frequently cleansing the hands, the natural way, and restoring moisture loss with a lasting scent of subtle essential oils. 

“The Gaia gift collection is a handpicked selection of our artisan, natural products. Enjoy precious moments to relax, breathe and connect with nature in mind, body and spirit.”

  1. For the additional time spent at home this year… gift the Awakening Candle. A 100% non-pollutant and naturally uplifting candle is an essential in creating a sanctuary at home this season.

  1. For the all-important and essential sleep… gift the Sleep Set. Infused with calm inducing essential oils, and with products to create both a restful environment and for mental and physical benefits. 

  1. For skin health and looking after the body’s largest organ… gift the Facial Range Trio. The perfect natural face products and 3 key stages of skincare in a cleansing balm, face exfoliator and moisturiser.

 Whatever you gift or self-gift this year, make it a natural essential.

Browse the full Gaia gift collection here.