How to: Build a Body Care Routine

How to: Build a Body Care Routine

We know that taking care of your body shouldn’t just be saved for the summer months so by spending a few moments within your day to do something for your body has it benefits

  • Helps improve your mood
  • Provide you a sense of wellbeing
  • Helps protect your skin

Taking a new approach and looking after your body couldn’t be simpler with GAIA's natural products - good for you, good for the environment. 

Here are our top tips and products to make your skin look and feel healthy



Our bodies need exfoliation just as much as our faces and whilst our bodies can tolerate scrub textures better than the skin on our face, we still need to be mindful that they too can suffer from being over-scrubbed. That is why our using our natural body scrubs and body brush in sweeping motions to remove dead skills cells helps ensure you get that healthy-looking skin feeling.


Try | Body Scrub £38 |Body Brush £18



GAIA body oils offer deep nourishment, they work to repair damaged cells, penetrating the surface layer of the skin to feed, hydrate and heal.

With pure essential oils of chamomile, clary sage and orange blossom blended with organic olive and sweet almond this body oil will leave your mind and body calm and clear, giving you a feeling of comfort and protection.

Try| Calming Body Oil £30



Place a small amount of our body butter in the palm of your hands and soften before applying it to the whole body, in long sweeping strokes. Massage all over for beautifully hydrated skin, delicately scented with our GAIA signature blend, this butter is especially helpful for those drier areas of skin such as elbows and heels or after being exposed to various climates. 

Tip | This butter can also be used on the ends of your hair before washing as a hair masque, we recommend popping on at the start of your ritual.




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