GAIA Body Scrub

How to: Harness the Power of Exfoliation, Naturally




We often accept our skin will be dull, dry, and dehydrated as we tend to keep it covered up all winter and then exposed to the summer sun. Our skin can feel unappreciated and unloved.

Exfoliating your body with a clay and sea salt scrub is a wonderful way to gently buff, replenish and nourish your body - a real awakening. Sea salt scrubs boosts circulation, sweeps dead cells away whilst clay purifies and balances, leaving you with clearer and fresher looking skin.

Follow our salt scrub ritual to revitalise your skin-

Before you start

Take some nice deep breaths in through your nose and out by your mouth calming your mind, as you breathe in expand your chest and raise your head as you breathe out, relax your shoulders, and extend arms. Light your GAIA candle and pop on your favourite tunes.

 Invigorating Exfoliation

Scoop a palm full of body scrub and soften by gently rubbing your palms together release the aroma. Apply to the body in long firm sweeping movements, paying special attention to those dull or dry areas of skin.

Rinse and Finish 

Rinse off thoroughly in the shower or soak away in the bath using a mitt revealing healthier softer and smooth skin and why not give yourself an extra lift by applying awakening body cream made with pure shea butter and geranium flower, to intensely nourish and tone the skin



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