Jade Gua Sha Stone

Jade Gua Sha Stone

At Gaia Skincare we whole-heartedly believe in crystal healing, so it is only natural that the tools we use to benefit the body physically, also bring deeper healing benefits from the earth’s natural sources.

Being green in colour to represent what Gaia means to us and balancing and harmonising the heart chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical ailments; the healing Jade stone is our preferred crystal of choice.

The Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese tool used to relieve tension, reduce puffiness, contour, and lift and improve circulation, resulting in a naturally glowing complexion.

Using the Gua Sha is gentle technique that will increase circulation and lymphatic flow in your face. The shape resembles a heart, which contours to the shape of your face during the massage. It allows you to work deeper into the muscles than with the fingers, activating acupressure points along the meridian lines in your face and is exceptional for relieving tension on your face, around your jaw or between your eyebrows.

For best practice apply your Gaia serum onto your face, neck and décolleté. Then use your Jade Gua Sha tool with light pressure in sweeping strokes. The long edge is perfect for lifting and sculpting the neck, cheeks, and forehead, working upwards to lift. Use the small curves either side of your jaw, cheek bones and eyebrows. The Jade Gua Sha is suitable for all skin types and for best results, you can perform each movement 8 -10 times daily.