Moments for you

Moments for you

 Creating moments for yourself and prioritising your wellness is always important. However, finding peace in the midst of silly season is vital for finding balance and keeping your mind and body calm.

The summer months connote lazy days by the beach and connecting with mother nature on countryside strolls, however, the realities of the summer holidays are often a little more stress-inducing with busy social calendars and entertaining the children with their seemingly endless weeks off.

 Awakening Body Cream | £38

It’s important to take moments for yourself throughout the day, building small rituals into your daily routine to ensure you feel grounded and nurtured, helping to keep you feeling tranquil throughout this time. Starting your morning with a revitalising shower, followed by a body massage with a nourishing moisturiser can set you up for the day ahead; our Awakening Body Cream is luxuriously thick and will melt into your skin leaving it deeply hydrated, uplifting your senses with our signature awakening blend of grapefruit, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils.

Creating a calm home environment is important too, this is a space we want to be able to relax and feel peaceful. We love to add a few drops of our Calming Body Oil to a diffuser whilst we unwind with a good book in the evening. The blend of chamomile, orange blossom, and lavender essential oils will help melt away stress and ease your mind.


Naturally Cleansing Balm | £38

An at-home facial can always be a great way to create time for yourself and leave your skin feeling radiant. Start by removing any make up and impurities with our rich Cleansing Balm, which will leave your skin feeling incredibly hydrated too, then continue to prepare the skin by wiping over our Facial Toner to leave the skin refreshed. From here use a few drops of our Naturally Face Serum alongside our Jade Roller, using upward strokes to stimulate lymphatic and blood flow, leaving you with firmer feeling skin, along with a sense of serenity.

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so make sure yours is kept full of a calming chamomile tea, along with moments of nourishment and a sense of tranquillity throughout the summer months.