Natural Home Fragrance

Natural Home Fragrance

Being in our homes for longer than usual, we should use the time to create a sanctuary within them, to nurture our wellness naturally.

Our select and exceptional home fragrance range works both to awaken and calm the senses, providing a natural and deeply therapeutic ambience.

Awakening Diffuser (£25)

An aromatic reed diffuser that will scent your home with Gaia’s signature awakening blend, to uplift the senses and support you throughout the day, with essential oils to include geranium, petitgrain and lemongrass. 

Awakening Candle (£25)

Our carefully handcrafted natural candle releases pure essential oils upon every light, gently uplifting your mood for 25-30 hours. Made with natural soya wax, it is free of all harmful pollutants and fragrances, and completely natural.

Perfect for any room, we also recommend lighting whilst having a bath using Awakening Bath Oil.

Sleep Spray (£18)

Our relaxing sleep spray helps to aid you with a calming and peaceful night’s sleep, quiet the mind after a long day and unwind and calm the sense.

Infused with a restful blend of vertivert, lavender and marjoram, this well-being spray will help reduce stress and aid sleep through a relaxing aroma. Lightly spray your pillow or the air where you may be resting.