New season, new skin

New season, new skin


Stepping into the Autumnal months we add a few more layers. What does our skin need? Naturally… exfoliation. There was no better time to launch our facial exfoliator, to amplify the GAIA face range and here’s why.

Supporting the skin to shed dead cells should be part of your year-round routine but when the seasons change and particularly when your skin can become drier and flakier in the colder months, you can increase your exfoliation by one per week.To reveal brighter and healthier skin; our GAIA facial exfoliators’ gentle but effective buffing component comes from sucrose, yes meaning ‘sugar’. The exfoliating grain of sugar is so fine, so not to damage the skin but encourage some light surface renewal. After cleansing, lightly massage a sparing amount of facial exfoliator with damp fingertips and in circular motions across the face (avoiding the eyes) and remove with water or warm soaked mitts.

For keeping the skin calm after buffing, GAIA has carefully blended rich calendula oil and combined it with the soothing and restorative qualities of mandarin, clary sage and petitgrain essential oils – perfectly polished, as well as nourished skin and making naturally… facial exfoliator suitable for all skins within the calming collection.

To feed the skin following exfoliation, try the GAIA facial serum, with just a few pressed drops onto the skin and follow with the facial moisturiser for optimum hydration.

Find full ingredients and details of our new facial product here.