Our Values

Our Values

Our values are words of importance to us and reflect Gaia and everything we represent:

Nurturing (caring, thoughtful, maternal, compassionate)

Like a mother, or a naturally caring individual, Gaia is protective and caring.

Because each guest is valuable, we allow them the time and space to facilitate their wellness and be provided with a consistent, yet personalised experience and home care prescription.

Grounded (natural, intuitive, rooted, balanced)

The Gaia experience is a sensory one, with a focus on simple and enriching outdoor spaces to be rooted to the natural world.

Locally made, using artisan methods and natural, pure ingredients; Gaia Skincare offers an alternative to the tech and chemical heavy norm and bringing the user back to Mother Earth.

Gaia Balancing Bath Salts

Exceptional (unforgettable, indulgent, unique, high quality)

Gaia creates exceptional experiences and represents healthy indulgence and sophistication. Every audience from wellbeing enthusiasts to glamourous beauty customers will feel at home with Gaia.

Liberating (open, inspiring, positive, flexible)

Gaia is a safe environment but an escapism from everyday life and endless demands. We empower healthy choices and optimum wellbeing, offering an alternative to other relaxation methods and products.

Gaia Skincare Naturally Facial Moisturiser

Responsible (trustworthy, capable, reliable, consistent)

Every time someone interacts with the Gaia brand, they express trust in what we do and allowing guests to feel secure. Gaia also has a strong sense of environment responsibility with natural and organic products, containing ethical and responsibly sourced, ingredients. Gaia products are handmade, lessening the impact on the environment and packaging within eco-friendly bottles and jars. Never tested on animals. These factors all inspire faith in what you choose.