The 6 R's of Eco-skincare

The 6 R's of Eco-skincare

Adjusting to our newer, planet friendly ways is an… adjustment! At GAIA, we are always working on the 6 R’s of eco-living and changing those lifelong habits that are harmful to our home – earth.

Join us in taking small steps to create big outcomes. Here’s our advice for achieving the 6 R’s with your skincare.


Ingredients. Do your skincare products contain friendly ingredients? Understand and question your choices or recommended products and truly understand the ingredients that are contained within the skincare you buy. Natural and organic skincare feeds and nourishes the skin the way nature intended and is a kinder and more sustainable source than chemical ingredients. GAIA use exceptional natural ingredients, that are sourced for their sustainability and handmade for better integrity and replace factory processes with loving artisan ones. 3 of our face range products have recently been awarded by Natural Health Magazine and the only dedicated Free From Skincare Awards.


Purchases. Are there any replacements in your general shopping or lifestyle habits that you can ‘rethink’ to help towards preserving our planet? Buying larger sizes where possible seriously reduces waste and can make you think about how much you actually use. It also usually also saves you money. GAIA only use full-size amenities, to avoid waste of mini and travel sized amenities and products.


Excess packaging. Secondary packaging is unnecessary, especially when you open your new favourite beauty product from its box and then immediately dispose of it. Buy products that come as they are! GAIA use absolute minimal secondary packaging, with just an eco-tube for our oils (which also act as a minimal gift wrap) and small eco boxes for our 15ml serums. You see and buy all Gaia products off the shelf in all their glory. We have also replaced the sticky plastic name labels on our new face range jars and have more improved changes of this kind to come!


Use. A little goes a long way and our ethos of less is more with your skincare also contributes to reduced beauty waste. When the quality of a product is better, you need less, therefore use less. Look for quality natural and organic products and ones that offer a multi-purpose use. GAIA promote a minimal and more holistic approach to skincare, reviewing all aspects of lifestyle for optimum skin health from within and advise against overuse of product(s) and unnecessary steps in your routine. Pure and simply cleanse and nourish your skin, day and night and your skin will reward you.


Beauty jars. With a little more consideration, we can reuse so much more. ‘Upcycle’ in any creative ways that you can to maximise the use of your jars and bottles. GAIA offer a product re-fill service at our flagship spa – just return your clean GAIA jar or bottle and we’ll re-fill with a 20% discount. Our 15ml and 50ml full bamboo jars, once used are also great for re-filling with other product when flying and holidaying.


Everything. Buy recyclable products wherever possible, opting for glass and recyclable plastic. If your beauty jars have no other purpose after use, always recycle every element possible, saying no to landfill and other unfriendly disposal methods. GAIA like to use plenty of bamboo packaging as it a sustainable crop as well as looking beautiful and we wholeheartedly continue to make our packaging and practices better for Mother Earth.

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