The Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother Gaia. Mother Earth. Mother of all life.

Mother Earth has all the traits of maternal…nurturing, selfless and unconditional love. In addition to spoiling your mum, Mother's Day is a powerful time to celebrate and appreciate Mother Nature.

Mother’s Day this year is on 31st March which is when the clocks go back and when we transition into Spring, a time to refresh and renew. It’s the perfect time to re-look at your self-care routine and give mum the tools to nurture her wellbeing using natural skincare products whilst also caring for the environment.

We have curated a collection of our favourites for Mother’s Day 2019:

1. To uplift the senses and nourish the skin…Awakening Oil Collection - £45

Presented in a beautiful Gaia Gift Box, this nutritious body and bath oil is created using our signature Awakening blend, a unique synergy of pure essential oils evoking the ancient principles of giving and receiving. With tangerine, grapefruit and peppermint, the aroma will uplift the senses and support you throughout the day, resulting in a sense of renewal and optimism.

This gift set also comes in our Balancing and Calming blend.

2. A new morning self-care routine to invigorate ready for the day ahead...Morning Ritual - £59

Wake up and revitalise the senses with this uplifting collection. Exfoliate your skin with our natural body scrub and follow with the Awakening Body Oil to nourish and refresh the skin. Apply some lip balm to moisturise and nourish your lips, leaving them soft and conditioned.

3. An evening routine to aid a good night’s sleep…Sleep Ritual £45

Unwind and calm the senses at the end of the day. Run a hot bath and soothe the mind and body with our skin-nurturing bath oil. Add our balancing bath salts into the routine to purify, cleanse and restore. Just before bed time, massage a small amount of Sleep Balm onto temples and wrists inhaling the beautiful relaxing aroma

4. A taster selection of Gaia’s facial range…the Naturally Mini Facial Range - £25

The naturally Gaia Mini Facial Range has been developed with gentle, natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. The perfect gift for a mum that wants to try new skincare but doesn’t want to commit to full-size until she’s tried.

5. A wonderfully practical gift which looks beautiful in any bath room…the Hand care set - £33

The set contains a light and hydrating hand wash with natural ingredients combining the awakening blend with added aloe vera and organic calendula leaving your skin cleansed and gently refreshed. Moisturise with the Gaia hand lotion with organic jojoba, coconut oil, almond oil and aloe vera.

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