Wellness for All

Wellness for All

Gaia's Founder, Diane Nettleton talks all things wellness and what steps can be taken to help towards a happier, healthy life.

There is still a bit of a stigma that wellness or going to a spa is an indulgent treat. Wellness is for everyone; wellness is what makes you feel well.

It can be as simple as chatting to a friend or going for a walk. It doesn’t have to cost money, you just have to be aware of what makes you feel well. How can you live a healthier and better life.

I have been involved with Global Wellness Day for the last couple of years. An entirely not for profit day founded by Belgin Aksoy in Turkey in 2012 with the strapline ‘one day can change your life’ its mission to enhance wellness across the globe for generations to come.

With depression now the most common reason for people to be absent from work and mental health hitting the headlines daily GWD aims that we recognise the value of our lives, we pause and think even if its just for one day of the year, we make peace with ourselves and be free from the stress of everyday life and to subsequently raise awareness about living well not just for one day but for all the days ahead.

The 7 manifestos are as follows;

  1. Walk for an hour. You feel happier walking as the brain secretes endorphins, You can keep fit and your muscles get stronger, you cholesterol reduces and it helps with weight problems
  2. Drink more water. The more water you drink the less carbonated, sugary or caffeinated drinks you consume.  It increases energy levels, attention span and helps with memory.
  3. Don’t use plastic bottles. Plastic waste damages our health aswell as our environment.
  4. Eat healthy food. Try eating food in its natural form preferably knowing it has been grown naturally without pesticides and chemicals.
  5. Do a good deed. By putting others first and serving others you are making the world a better place.
  6. Have a family dinner with loved ones. Try eating together without technology, listening to each other
  7. Go to bed by 10pm. Sleep is critical for our bodies to regulate everything and repairs and heals itself. 

These 7 steps are so simple and don’t cost money.

We are staring to plan how we will celebrate next years GWD 13th June 2020. The last 2 years we have held free yoga events In Plymouth and Newquay where we provided a healthy snack and pledge cards for people to write their good deed. GWD was given an extra boost this year when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose it as one of their lesser known ‘forces for change’ after asking their Instagram followers for inspiration.