What is well-being?

What is well-being?

As a pandemic has spread the world, wellness and well-being has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. However, being well is not just the absence of illness there is so much more to being well or well-being.

The basic blocks of well-being are a good nights’ sleep, spending time in nature, connecting with people you love, eating well and doing some form of exercise. All these things are available to all of us in some form or another, despite whatever is going on in your life. Reconnecting to the above will give you some form of routine, make you feel grounded and more in control when there are so many things around us that are of control.

During these last few months, those who have some sort of regular practice to care for their own well-being have coped better with the changes they have had to face.

The one thing in lockdown we have been encouraged to do is an hours’ exercise a day. This has meant more people have given this the time it deserves and with the majority choosing walking as the best, and in some cases, only alternative. It has also meant spending an hour a day outside. The benefits of both the exercise and being outside have been proven to have a big impact on your well-being and as the country starts to emerge from lockdown hopefully people will continue to practice this daily routine.

Being well is about everything in your life, your relationships, your career, your happiness, your health, your finances, it is how you are with other people, with our planet. Each day ask yourself if you have you made a positive impact on any of these things. By practising gratitude, you will look for the good in each day and realise that you are making a positive change however small.

It is easy to see the negative and be worried especially at the moment, with such an uncertain future. Try and be positive and look at the bigger picture for mental clarity. Picture yourself where you want to be and even though you are unsure how you will get to there, it will feel more realistic and make you feel more positive about the future.

There are so many benefits to feeling well. It boosts your immune system, you have more energy, you are more likely to make a better impact on others. You will be more confident and courageous which will consequently enables you to make better decisions.

There can be no denying the link between mind and body. If you feel well in your mind, your body will perform better and if your body is performing well, this will enhance your mood.

Too often are minds and bodies can be at odds with one another. The mind has a plan and the body tries to resist. We all have the power within in us regardless of our situations to be well.

Take a breath, calm yourself, be positive and start focusing on your wellbeing.