Working from home self-care

Working from home self-care

Working from home where possible is now crucial to our health and our future for the foreseeable, so we’ve put together some top tips on WFH self-care from, with our passion for wellness in mind.

Comfort and practicality

If you don’t have a desk space, create a suitable working space at a table, where you can sit upright and care for your posture, clearing away clutter and only having what you need to work around you.

We recommend avoiding sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your lap; although it is a more motivating and healthier option to working from your bed, if you don’t have table space! Cushion your chair because comfort is your wellness, naturally.


Try to work where there is natural sunlight for an essential dose of vitamin D, and where you can open a window or door for awakening fresh air. The addition of plants around your workspace can create a feeling of well-being and naturally cleanse the air. Scent with an invigorating therapeutic candle or incence.

Try to work separately from any distractions, or people you may be at home with. Enjoy the absolute quiet to focus where you can, or if you need the comfort of noise having the radio on low in another room is the least distracting.

Start well and be all in

Utilise the time you would have been travelling to work to get some fresh air, go for an early run or for a short walk or dog before logging on, to start the day feeling energised.

Be fully dressed and well presented for the day, as if another day in the office, which is key for a working mindset and motivation. It doesn’t need to be uniform and your best attire but feel good, do good.

Intention and focus

Prioritise tasks to complete during that day. Highlight them on your to-do list or note them on a physical or desktop sticky note, as absolute must dos by the end of the day! Keep aspirational quotes or things around you that you love to stay inspired. Minimise time spent on social media, using it for work purposes only to help stay focused and maximise your efficiency.


Stay connected with your colleagues during each working from home day, picking up the phone to speak, over text or email communication. Schedule a regular video call with a wider team to ensure you’re working towards the same goals and reduce any potential to feel like you are working alone.

Break and hydrate

Keep your home chores and unnecessary contact with friends and family for out of work hours to avoid continual distractions.

Have lunch away from your workspace to help you re-focus in the afternoon. Take another opportunity for fresh air, or a short walk. Set a morning and afternoon 10-15min break time to get up and stretch, refocusing breathing meditation or to and make a cuppa. We recommend Jing Tea as an exceptional herbal tea and opt for the personalised holistic and health benefits that herbal teas bring. Keep a bottle of water near you to stay hydrated and alert throughout the day.

From ours to yours, we hope you enjoy working from your own sanctuary.