A Therapist Feature from Whatley Manor

A Therapist Feature from Whatley Manor

Getting to know the therapists at our spa affiliate, Whatley Manor a little better we talk to Head Therapist Grace about her time in the spa industry and what well-being means to her.  

What is unique about your spa?
We take a holistic approach to our guest’s journey, meaning the guest is enveloped in care and comfort every step of the way, yet there is always room for improvement. We are constantly looking for ways to update and improve the menus and experience for our guests, for example, our sustainability movements and our upcoming wellness retreat package.

What do you love about being a therapist?
Helping people feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually everyday. Not many careers out there enable you to turn someone's day around, and the appreciation from doing so! It's not always even about the treatment, but sometimes just having someone to listen and take the time to care about them is enough to make a difference. It's also never boring. Every day, every hour, every treatment is different, even if six people were all booked in for the same treatment, they would not be alike. It all depends on you and your guest, their needs and your emotional and treatment "prescriptions".

Favourite Gaia treatment and why? 
The Gaia Jade Facial is my absolute favourite. It has it all; the welcoming foot ritual, the bespoke sensory oil selection, the aromatic nurturing products, the healing Jade massage and the stress releasing scalp massage. It is a delight to perform and to receive, ironically I don't enjoy receiving massage treatments but facials are a welcome indulgence.

Favourite Gaia product and why?
Personally, I love the Gaia Facial Wash. I have an awkwardly combination skin, so this gives me the clean and fresh feeling to tackle daily congestion from being in a cosy treatment room all day without drying it out, plus with the rose water, it smells heavenly. However, during treatments I love to use the Cleansing Balm because you can immediately feel and see the skin's texture completely improve from the very beginning, whilst at the same time, it's easy to remove with no oily residue.

Where do you most like to appreciate nature?
Anything to do with water... lakes, oceans, rivers. I find it extremely soothing and aesthetically comforting. Paddle boarding and kayaking are my go-to activities to really relax, it's low impact and casually paced that you can really enjoy and appreciate your surroundings at the same time. Again, there's the variety as well, the different colours of the water, the movement, and the wildlife it brings.

Well-being tips
Lately there has been a big emphasis on self-care and I couldn't agree more, but more specifically about mental well-being not only physical. Addressing stress and anxiety for example can have huge effects on your body and tension just as much as stretching everyday and drinking lots of water, it's important to have some me-time, do things that you enjoy and find time for family and friends to feed the soul.