Create a sanctuary in your own home.

Create a sanctuary in your own home.

You may not quite be ready to ‘spa’ and that is ok. Our experiential products are designed to create the feeling of spa from anywhere and coupled with some known wellbeing techniques you will be able to create a sanctuary in your own home, quite naturally. 

“When you choose a Gaia product, you take a little bit of spa home”. 

Setting the right scene can instantly calm the mind and body, so utilise the suns light or candlelight to give you a natural ambience. Gaia home fragrance products to include an Awakening Candle, Awakening Diffuser and Sleep Spray can then be placed around the home. These are refreshingly non-pollutant, with scents that stimulate the senses through gentle distribution of aromatherapy oils, for a naturally therapeutic environment.

Channel your mind and body by deep breathing, letting your mind go of all thoughts and allowing you to be in a state of meditation. Stretching is a great technique to follow both and to re-energise by encouraging holistic flow throughout the body and releasing negative energy and toxins. Consider adding a few drops of bath oil to a bowl of hot water to inhale as part of your deep breathing for added aromatherapy benefits, or rubbing a few drops of body oil onto your pulse points or joint complaints for physical benefits. Choose your own feeling with one of Gaia three blends to awaken, balance or calm.

Take extra time to complete your morning or night-time facial skincare routine by ‘double’ cleansing, thoroughly exfoliating and spending 5-minutes massaging in and not just topically applying your facial serum. Your skin will thank you for the extra help in getting all those wonderful ingredients to where they need to be, with a healthy post-glow.

Spa aka ‘water’ is where you can really enhance the spa at home feeling, by immersing in a bath to loosen the muscles and joints without having a massage and helping to stimulate the bodies circulation and to cleanse and soften the skin. Towards the end of a bath, a body scrub is best used to buff away loosened dead skin and aid detoxification through opened pores. If you are coupling a bath with your extended facial skincare routine, leave your face mask on whilst in the bath and let the steam naturally accelerate the skins ability to absorb all its properties.

Nurture the body post meditation, stretch and bath by applying your favourite body product, whether a lotion, cream, butter, or oil, there is a Gaia body product to suit all preferences and leave you with a feeling of spa all day or night.