Uplift the body and mind this January

Uplift the body and mind this January

Uplift the Body and Mind this January

For many of us January is the start of positive change – the time for new beginnings. We start to think about the goals we want to achieve for our futures and make healthier changes to our diet and lifestyle but can easily forget about the ingredients we put on our skin.

The natural ingredients and essential oils found in Gaia’s beauty and skincare products have many beneficial properties not just for the body but also for the mind, helping us to feel revitalised and renewed. We take a look at some of these ingredients that can help you achieve a sense of rejuvenation and to feel a little more full of life…

Circulation Boosters and Detoxifiers

Skin feeling dull? Orange Oil stimulates circulation, making it an excellent natural detoxifier. Also with antiseptic, immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, it is both calming and soothing for the skin. Orange oil can be found in Gaia’s Calming Bath and Body Oils - which can help achieve a sense of relaxation and inner peace with a relaxing bath or with a skin nourishing body oil.

Natural Toners

Needing to feel refreshed? Petigrain is an essential oil extracted from the twigs and leaves of the sweet orange tree. With its therapeutic and toning effects, Petrigrain can be found in Gaia’s Awakening range which includes our Awakening Body Scrub with natural sea salt, our light and hydrating Awakening Body Lotion and within our refreshing Body Wash. Petigrain helps skin to feel fresh, revived and full of life.  

Mood Lifters

Feeling in need of a lift? Naturally uplifting Grapefruit Oil is extracted from the fruits peel and has antimicrobial and antidepressant properties. To help clear and soothe the mind, an inhalation bowl in the morning or evening filled with a few drops of Gaia’s stimulating Awakening Bath Oil and hot water is a fantastic way of clearing the sinuses and achieving mental clarity to start or end the day.

Another natural mood booster found in the Gaia Awakening range is Tangerine. Known to inspire and uplift, Tangerine Oil can soothe anxiety, helping to conquer insomnia. It also improves skincare, digestive health and promotes overall balance.

At Gaia we believe in using the finest ingredients within all our products and within our Gaia treatments available at our Flagship Spa. You can find out more about our natural ingredients in our Gaia Ingredientology.