Wellness at Christmas

Wellness at Christmas

December is in full swing so very soon Christmas will be upon us. As we make festive plans to see friends and family, decide upon which festive events to attend and get ready for the biggest holiday of the year, we can easily get caught up in the moments of Christmas magic and lose our sense of routine. During the festive period, simply stopping to take a little bit of time to unwind and reflect, or to do something that makes you feel happy, can be that little gift to yourself that is priceless.

At Gaia, we believe in making time for your wellness, naturally. Here are our tips for

12 Ways to Wellness at Christmas:

1. Write a Christmas card list

Email Christmas Cards and social media messages are all very well and have their importance but there is something lovely about receiving a hand written card at Christmastime. In digital times putting pen to paper is a wonderful sentiment and helps us reconnect with those we don’t get to see every day all for the price of paper and a stamp.

 2. Bake something festive

If Mary Berry fills you with inspiration, choose an evening where you have an hour spare and make that chocolate log or those festive shaped biscuits. Baking for some is often a form of ritual and, when complete, can be shared with those you love or given as a token of goodwill.

3. Play music

Music is often described as fuel for the soul. Even if you are at home alone, ignite that joyful spirit with some classic Christmas carols and enjoy singing along.

4. Go on a nature walk

Mornings may be darker and evenings are colder but on a crisp December day why not wrap up warm, take a deep breath and go for a walk with nature to help you gather your thoughts and enjoy a quiet moment. Even if you live in the city, a walk will help boost circulation and set you in good spirits for the day ahead.

5. Read that book

Even if it’s just one chapter per day, if you start at the beginning of December you will finish it by New Year’s Eve. Open the pages of that novel or read that autobiography you’re always wanting to.

6. Unwind with a long bath

Take time to relax with a warming bath. Fill with a Calming Bath Oil and inhale the powers of pure essential oils including relaxing lavender and calming chamomile to help clear the mind and achieve a sense of clarity and calm.

7. Personalise the tree

Decorating the tree is a great way to bring an element of personality to Christmas. Many people collect Christmas tree decorations from different parts of life and decorating the tree is something of a ritual to reconnect with fond memories.

8. Keep to your rituals

When travelling over the festive season, it’s easy to let those beauty rituals slip out of sync. Remembering those travel essentials can help you keep on top of your daily skincare and beauty rituals, helping to keep you feeling your best.

9. Watch a feel good film

Amongst all the hustle and bustle there’s nothing like a classic festive film with a warming cup of tea or maybe even some mulled wine – embrace the merriment and have a good laugh or cry at a Christmas romantic comedy.

10. Think of the year ahead

There’s no time like the present - write affirmations for the year ahead for all those things you’ve always wanted to achieve or do. Writing them down will help you to focus towards new goals and ambitions.

11. Give something back

Christmas is a time for giving. That little act of kindness be it visiting an elderly neighbour, volunteering for charity or donating time for a good cause will mean a lot to those in need.

12. Have fun

During all the festivities don't forget to have fun. Enjoy the moments and laugh - that's what Christmas spirit is all about.