In harmony with Mother Nature

Founded on the vision of connection with Mother Nature, GAIA Skincare believes that their products should not only look after their customer’s wellbeing, but also care for the planet. This sustainable ethos was born alongside the brand, meaning GAIA has acted mindfully and sustainability since it's launch in 2016.

GAIA offer products created harmoniously with our natural world,  avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic colours, which can be damaging for both the body but also for the natural environment.

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Our Sustainability Promise

Made by people

All our natural skincare products are made by people within the UK, not machines.

Natural Ingredient

All product are made from natural and organic ingredients, free from
synthetics and chemicals.

Eco Packaging

Our packing is more than green in colour, carefully sourcing sustainable and recyclable materials.

Reuse & Refill

We encourage customers to use our refill service, eliminating the need for additional packaging.

It starts with Ingredients

100% of GAIA Skincare products are handcrafted in the South West of England. All of our products are made from raw ingredients harnessed from Mother Nature, opting for organic ingredients whenever possible.

All products are free from synthetics including fragrances and colouring, as well as being chemical free. Along with 90% of products being certified vegan, and all product being cruelty free, naturally.

Packaged Mindfully

It is important to us that our packaging reflects our values and intention of minimal impact.

All GAIA packaging has been carefully chosen to be recycled, with glass bottles and jars wherever possible, minimal recyclable plastic and with elements of bamboo; one of the earths most sustainable plants.

Care and attention has gone into the finer design details of our bottles and jars; consciously removing the need for secondary packaging to keep any packaging to an absolute minimum.

Refill Service

More sustainable than recycling packaging, we actively encourage our customers to reuse their skincare packaging. We offer a 20% discount to customers when they take advantage of our refill service available at our flag ship Gaia Spa and with our spa partners across the UK and Ireland.

Minimal Milage

We produce and distribute all GAIA Skincare products in the South West of England, ensuring minimal millage and shipping to our spa partners across the British Isles.

Packaging and printed materials are sourced as locally as possible, opting for recycled and sustainable grown paper and cardboard.

We also use nation-wide delivery services, not courier, to help reduce the amount of vehicles on the road.

Taking Accountability as a Team

Electric Vehicles

We have invested in an electric vehicle for our sales team to use when visiting spa partners.

Distribution Centre

All cardboard boxes are reused or recycled, with paper tape a plastic-free packaging material.

Reduced Travel

We conduct the majority of meetings online, reducing the need for unnecessary travel.

Better for everyone

We ensure diversity and inclusion, consciously source products from fair trade suppliers too.

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    Cruelty Free

    GAIA Skincare believes that all beauty products should be cruelty-free, and are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved.

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