Buy less, buy better

Buy less, buy better

Diane Nettleton tells us why it's beneficial to buy less and buy better this Autumn.

For me, September sometimes feel a bit like New Year. The summer holidays are coming to an end, the weather starts to change, the days start becoming significantly shorter. Like the start of a new term at school its time to re-look at ways you can add to your life.

After a busy summer of visitors I started September with the intention to improve my diet, my yoga practice and continue reading for my personal development. At the same time it has been ‘second hand September’. It is always a season where you want to think of new clothes for Autumn. Visions of walks on the beach or in the countryside wrapped up in new boots, coat and cosy clothes so for me not an easy money to practice second hand September. A bit like sober January which can be the most miserable month anyway without planning any social occasions or being with friends.

So I can’t say I practiced second hand September but I will take that philosophy on board and practice it in October. Also it has made me, and I am sure many people, think if it is absolutely necessary to buy the amount we do and rather than just think about it for one month a year it has made me think about buying less and buying better.

Similarly September 20th saw the biggest ever climate strike in history, with over 150 countries taking part. Mindful living is becoming more apparent among the people I mix with from children to employees to our guests.

The "buy less buy better" should also be applied to your bathroom and beauty products; a bit like a capsule wardrobe, an edited collection of key items like a good white t-shirt or a well cut jacket. A few investment products can upgrade existing items. Gaia Skincare's Cleansing Balm using an exceptional level of natural ingredients followed by the Face Serum will leave your complexion glowing without applying lots of different products. Plus the added benefits, Gaia Skincare looks good on your shelf, the glass and bamboo packaging is recyclable with bamboo being the most sustainable crop to grow and a refill service is available at Gaia Skincare retailers.