Digital Distancing

Digital Distancing

The topic of our current time is social distancing, but should we also be ‘digital distancing’.

Since finding ourselves isolating at home, our route of communication and sense of community, has led us to the world wide web, where many would say can now be unhealthy, double the volume of content on-line.

 “Our brains were not designed for constant notifications, endless channels, multiple apps, 40 plus hour weeks (plus social events), text messages, emails and WhatsApp’s. No wonder we feel overwhelmed, frazzled and on high alert. Let’s slow down, turn off, reschedule and delete whenever we can. It’s time to give our minds the quiet and the rest we need”.

The pressures of on-line can be equally as isolating as the nature of isolating itself, so we have broken down some ways to maintain a healthy relationship, whilst using our core values as the reminder.

Have a liberating digital clear out. Do the companies or individuals that you follow motivate, inspire and uplift you in a right way, or do they make you feel pressure or unworthy.

Be specific with content. Press delete on anything unnecessary and negative. The news for example, where you can tune into anything crucial when you choose, to keep up with the worlds latest. Use the time and technology to learn, inspire and create something exceptional.

Limit your time on-line. Consider whether you need to check into social media daily, or whether you might you enjoy re-tuning in and catching up less frequently and less mindlessly scrolling. Be responsible with how you use it.

Maintain regular contact with loved ones and use the power of technology to soak up a sense of community. Seeing faces on the screen occasionally, rather than just hearing voice is nurturing for the soul as social creatures.

Make nature a priority before technology by grounding yourself in the outdoors where possible and doing the simple things that mother earth intended for us.