Filters - good or bad for your well being?

Filters - good or bad for your well being?



Woman in robe using GAIA spa products


How many times have you looked an image and wondered are they filtered? Do they naturally look like that? Do they really have skin that smooth? A study revealed that 71% of people would edit a picture of themselves, before they would post on social media. The research also showed that people mostly edit their skin (Case24), if this is true then how can we confidently navigate our way through life if the simplest of actions like taking a picture makes us instinctively go into edit mode.

We owe it to ourselves to stop filtering our pictures and embrace our skin, great skincare routines can put us on the right road to understanding it’s not about how we look, it’s about how it makes us feel and we should celebrate being our unique self, encourage skin positivity – natural skin is in.


We often don’t fully appreciate how a good skincare routine can make a difference but, it truly does. GAIA is a skincare and wellness brand and has built its foundations on harnessing the power of Mother Nature and the energy that brings. Mother Nature is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness, and balance within the environment.

Perfect skin whatever that means to you is hard to achieve, so you may feel like using a filter is a safety net, but what if we told you great skin looks better. GAIA continues to spread the word that nature knows best with our travelling dressing table sharing the GAIA experience, and how natural skincare really can transform how you feel about yourself. A daily cleanse, a face mask, or a serum can all have major effects on your emotional well-being, self-care is so important no matter how big or small the act.

GAIA Skincare Facial Trio Range


Create a routine that feels good and includes products that you will love using. GAIA have created three blends for the body - awakening, balancing and calming which are full of intention and integrity and have been created to nourish and nurture alongside the GAIA face ranges crystal and naturally, GAIA have thoughtfully selected their ingredients for their beneficial properties for both the body and mind, how they will make you feel and what the ingredient will achieve. 

Surely the aim of the game, is to be happy with our natural self and to live a fulfilling and healthy life – unfiltered.

  mini GAIA facial by the beach