GAIA Days of Wellness

GAIA Days of Wellness

Our focus for the festive month is wellness.

We're here to help with calming moments within the madness that the festive time can bring as we introduce our December days of wellness. How are you are finding ways to calm the mind and look after your well-being this December?

  1. A mindful minute or two. Head for a quiet spot and get comfortable. Turn off devices so no distractions and take a deep breath in for 5 and then out for 5. Repeat 3 times, allowing the mind to clear and focus on the now.

  2. Make moments for you. Light a candle in dim lighting, let the aromas fill your space allowing you to naturally take a moment to stop, think and breathe.

  3. Face the winter elements. Introduce a face serum for added protection during the cooler months. Apply before bedtime or at the start of your day under your favourite Moisturiser for deep hydration.