Spring into happiness with positivity and the rose quartz crystal.

Spring into happiness with positivity and the rose quartz crystal.

As the Spring Equinox and the International Day of Happiness arise, here is a known ‘Happiness’ acronym, how we relate to it and how you can apply it to support your own.

We appreciate our brand values at Gaia and acronyms can help to simplify and define meanings. Happiness is different for everyone and is not a destination.

H eart. Crystals are some of the heart of our wellbeing treatments. Feed your heart chakra with the rose quartz, a stone with love and emotion in abundance.

A titude. Having a positive one affects your mental state of mind. Think good thoughts.

P resence. Be fully in the moment to benefit. This can also help to reduce anxieties that can come from overthinking the past and future.

P urpose. Feeling content is largely down to feeling that you have a purpose.

I nternal intelligence. Challenge and stimulate your mind by learning something new.

N ew beginnings. Change is healthy, can break unhealthy routine and with Spring Equinox upon is this week, no better time for that annual cleansing ritual to refresh and reset.

E xpressing appreciation. Giving is as important to your mental health and happiness is as receiving. Show gratitude to those around you and for everything you have.

S ervice. What ever you do, be exceptional with it.

S piritual steps. There are many forms of spiritual practice, practice them all to find your happy medium.