My Wellbeing Diary

My Wellbeing Diary

By Gaia's Founder, Diane Nettleton:


It has taken me a long time to realise that the body will achieve what the mind believes so after too long of telling myself “I don’t like the gym”, “I am not a gym person”, I have started personal training. The key for me has been finding the right trainer. I have had a few failed attempts but dare I say it on my fourth session I have started to enjoy it,  the stiffness and aching have subsided. I hadn’t realised there were so many things to do in the gym! Emily is making it interesting, even fun, setting the right tone with me, firm and managing to distract me when I am about to give in so who knows...I may even become a gym bunny!

Twice a week at least I have a yoga session.  I find yoga is exercise not just for my body but my mind too. I love it. Now the summer is approaching I also love to swim. I am lucky enough to have my own outdoor pool and I love swimming first thing as the sun rises and the day begins. It’s a kind of meditation counting lengths and studying the sky.


One of my yoga teachers was also a nutritionist and I did a consultation with her and she gave me some great natural ways to improve my gut health which had been compromised by stress.

Wellness comes from within and I now only food in a recognised natural state ie. no gluten just meat, fish, fresh vegetables and some fruit each day. I discovered that ginger tea first thing was calming, magnesium supplements taken in the morning enabled a better sleep, liver packs were also calming and cleansing.


I love a bath and alternate between Epsom salts and Gaia Calming Bath Oil in the evenings or Gaia Awakening Bath Oil in the mornings.  Yoga also helps me relax. I really enjoy listening to music and a wide range.  Within the last year I have also started reading. My favourite books are inspirational written by people who have something relevant to say. I read for my personal development and have developed a real thirst for information. I thought I would never be one of the people you see reading on a bus or a train as I couldn’t imagine blocking out everything around me but on a recent holiday I found myself reading a book I couldn’t put down wherever I went


I go to bed early. I would rather have the early mornings to start my daily routine.  I am usually tired by 9pm and go to bed. My bedroom is quite light and I often wake in the night. I live by the sea and can usually tell if the tide is in or out by the sound of the sea. I love it when there is a full moon and the moonlight comes into my room. I find it comforting although sometimes I will wear my eye mask if I don't particularly want to be woken. 

Favourite Products

Of course I love Gaia skincare. Apart from the benefits of the exceptionally high level of natural and organic ingredients there is the added element of the elixir which brings another level of emotional support aided by the citrine crystal used in the elixir. A bit like my nutrition too I know I am applying products in their natural state hand mixed with integrity and care.

If I had to pick a favourite it would be the cleansing balm. I love the texture, rich and thick but melts on your face and great for removing makeup. I remove with the Gaia toner however my skin always feels hydrated afterwards so I don’t always need to moisturise too. I am lucky to be spoilt with skincare and like trying different products but always go back to my favourites.

Yours Naturally,

Diane x