National read a book day

National read a book day

How many of you reach for your phone first thing and start checking Instagram, Facebook, emails, what’s been going on whilst you have been asleep?

I managed to break that habit a few years ago and now reach for my current read by the side of my bed. Every morning at least 10 pages to start the day. At the moment a gift from my sister ‘The Glossy Years’ by Nicholas Coleridge previous manager and president of Condé Nast International, home of my favourite Vogue. The book is a memoir of a love for fashion, magazines, travel, well-being, the environment, all the things I am passionate about.

I have only just started it but already I am excited by what's to come. Just reading the words. ‘The first glossy magazine I ever opened was a copy of Harpers & Queen...’ is enough to make me know this book will bring me all the pleasures reading can give, peace and quiet, research, enjoyment, alight your imagination, bring back memories, knowledge.

Books are something you can pick up at your own convenience, they pass time, are good company, can help you personally develop, inspire you to do something creative or meaningful and when you read that world inside your head is yours alone and you can choose how you want to feel.

So on national read a book day why don’t you try and pick up a book instead of your mobile and see how much better it makes you feel.