Winter Skin Saviours

Winter Skin Saviours

In the winter months we’re trying to find spring through the trees and warmer temperatures oversees - but there’s so much to love about nature when it’s cold. Wrapping up for beach and woodland walks, pretty frosts and sinus clearing air. There are certainly ways we can support our drier wintry skin!

Apply a small amount of our cleansing balm, for its richly nourishing and cleansing properties. Massage over the face for a few minutes (including the eyes to thoroughly break down the heaviest eye-makeup), allowing the skin to benefit from the maximum moisture. Remove with a warm soaked cloth. A little secret is to use our cleansing balm as a 10-minute mask treatment or as your double ‘richer’ cleanse, in place of our Gaia face wash - both allowing the calendula oil base to really feed the skin.

If you’re conscious of over-layering a serum with a moisturiser, then the colder months are the perfect time to trial. Lightly pat just 2-3 drops of Gaia face serum into the skin, all over the face (avoiding the eyes) followed by a light application of Gaia face moisturiser, to really lock in those oils and protect from the elements. Morning or evening is really your preference. Our personal favourite is evening to benefit from the array of wellness-aiding essential oils and the increased hydration, to support the skin in its recovery through the night.

Of course, we aren’t just about topical at Gaia and advocate all round wellness. Why not try our collection of bath oils to awaken, balance or calm you in a warming winter wellness bath.

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