Mini Essentials Travel Set


Nurturing GAIA products for wherever you go.

Natural and handmade with GAIA's calming blend and bespoke elixir.

Featuring our Body Wash, Body Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner, all in our signature awakening blend of grapefruit and peppermint, to uplift your sense and prepare you for the day ahead. Presented in a clear, flight-friendly bag, this selection will fit perfectly in your hand luggage.

Shampoo - 100ml 

Cleanse and nourish with this shampoo containing moisturising aloe vera, soothing calendula and replenishing yarrow, which will leave your hair healthy and strong.

Conditioner - 100ml 

A creamy natural conditioner that will replenish, nourish and condition all hair types. The Gaia signature blend with added glycerine, organic sesame oil & yarrow will encourage your hair to be shiny & healthy. 

Body Wash - 100ml 

A light and hydrating body wash with natural ingredients that will moisturise your skin. Using the Gaia signature blend, with added aloe vera & organic calendula, your skin will be cleansed & gently refreshed.

Body Lotion - 100ml

A light, easily absorbed body lotion that will feed & naturally fragrance the skin. Combining the Gaia signature blend with organic jojoba, coconut Oil, almond oil and aloe vera, it will hydrate and smooth your skin, giving a feeling of caring for yourself and loving your body.

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