A Q&A with Diane ahead of Global Wellness Day 2021

A Q&A with Diane ahead of Global Wellness Day 2021

In anticipation of Global Wellness Day on Saturday 12th June, our founder Diane who is one of the hosts of the live stream event, shares her personal wellness journey. 


Tell us about your involvement in Global Wellness Day?

I have been a key supporter for the UK since 2017. I really believe in’ how one day can change your life’ and follow the 7 manifestos.  I like to BE the industry I represent and live a well life and through GWD I can spread this message to others.


What makes you smile or brings you joy and why? 

My rebounder.  I love to use it each morning and play an upbeat playlist that makes me want to dance.  I find the music and the exercise makes me happy.


What is your daily wellness routine?

Each morning I will read at least 10 pages of my current book, write in my journal, meditate or practice pranayama breathing then do my chosen cardio for 30 minutes.  This sets me up for my day.


What is your favourite quote or affirmation?

I am fortunate to be alive.

I have a precious human life.

I am not going to waste it.


Describe how you achieve mindfulness

I find if I look after myself physically, I am able to be mindful.  When I know I am in for a hard time I will keep to my daily routines, eat well and practice self-care.  I read various personal development books and inspirational stories.


What does wellness mean to you? 

Being the best version of myself and being happy.


Where do you find inspiration? 

Books, podcasts, people who have triumphed over adversity.


What are your go-to wellness apps and/or podcasts? Why?

I use Buddhify if I am finding it hard to meditate or feeling particularly anxious.  I like to listen to ‘The High Performance Podcast’.  Many people interviewed are sports people however also business people whose stories are normally inspirational about focus and discipline.  It makes me believe nothing is unachievable.


Books that changed your wellness perspective and why?

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.  I had struggled to concentrate on books for a while but the message in this book is that by showing up, being persistent, investing time, practising integrity and working hard you can achieve your dreams.  I realised this is what I had been doing all my life and that it worked.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  I walked past someone reading this on holiday once and decided to buy it.  The daily routines it gave me gave me a better perspective on my physical fitness and my mental outlook.


Name three things you are grateful for

My health, living a meaningful life, family.


Finally, what words of wisdom can you pass on?

Life can be difficult at times.  Keep on your path, be content with your life and make each day count even if it is the smallest thing.


Join the live stream event on Saturday 12th June https://www.globalwellnessday.org/