Global Wellness Day 12th June 2021

Global Wellness Day 12th June 2021

Our Founder, Diane Nettleton, writes a few words about Global Wellness Day 2021 as a Key Supporter of the event. 

This year the focus is on protecting mental health. It will never be more relevant after a worldwide pandemic when everyone has had to deal with change in various forms.

I will be joining the 12 hour livestream event that Global Wellness Day will be presenting across the world 65 speakers from 35 countries and have been invited to present some of the amazing guest speakers. Last year this similar event created a euphoria around the day. It was uplifting and exciting to be a part of it.  Afterwards I went for a walk (which was about all you could do in June last year) but I wanted to shout the message ‘one day can change your life’.

How we react to changes and what our response will be is crucial for our mind. Recognising that we can’t be responsible for others happiness whilst still considering others takes some managing.  Life is filled with change, trauma, loss, worries but this past year we had to dig deep to find our own way of dealing with the changes that have happened.

Exercise, being in nature, healthy food, routine, early to bed are amongst the habits I turn to because I find that if physically, I am in a good place then mentally I will be stronger too.  You have to find your own way and what works for you.  We all have mental health and we all must take responsibility to care for it.  If that means outside help, counselling, or other intervention you are still taking responsibility.

Gratitude is a positive habit to nurture. Writing in a journal or saying out the things you are grateful for daily promotes mental wellbeing. You become what you say you are.  If you wake thinking I had a bad nights’ sleep, I will be tired all day you most likely will be. If, however you reframe this and think well that must be all the sleep I needed, today I will be fine you most likely will be.

Building resilience and being stoic helps our response to adversity.  Be the happiest, most grateful and optimistic and at peace person you can be so that circumstances don’t define your emotional wellbeing.

This year we will be hosting a yoga event at Boringdon Hall to bring some focus to the day and remind people that ‘one day can change your life’

Saturday 12th June 10.30am