Our packaging means the Earth to us

Our packaging means the Earth to us

In more ways than one it is important to us that our packaging reflects both the meaning and intention of GAIA Skincare, as well as our economical values.

GAIA being the Greek goddess Mother Earth, it is a natural fit to have earthy green and brown tones for our branding and our packaging, to capture nature as we intend it to.

Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy and is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety and the environment. It is soothing and relaxing to the human eye and supports us mentally and physically bringing a sense of hope and renewal and alleviating forms of anxiety. For our most beautifully presented green bottled products, try our awakening, balancing or calming bath or body oils.

Brown is the colour of earth, wood and soil. It is a neutral colour but warm and represents the grounding and fertility of the earth and soil. Brown gives us a feeling of wholesomeness, stability and order.

With colour in check, the packaging materials that we use consolidate our care for the environment with absolute minimal use of secondary packaging and maximum use of glass bottles and bamboo jars. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and the bamboo elements provide us with a sustainable source. Even our bamboo spoons to decanter product can be popped onto your compost heap! Many of our face and body products are lovingly filled and sealed in bamboo jars and lids and etched with our GAIA ‘G’ to nurture the world.

You can support us in reducing our carbon footprint, by refilling your GAIA products at your nearest GAIA Spa.

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