Seasonal Self Care

Seasonal Self Care

It’s easy to become overwhelmed at any time in our fast paced and digital lives, but increasingly so during the festive season. Take 5 to take in our top 5 purest and simplest ways to nurture your body and mind, because we believe self-care is looking after your wellness, naturally.

Breathe. Research shows that our breathing can control our mind and our emotions and of course we can’t live without doing it for more than a few minutes every day. When your thoughts become cloudy and your emotions start to rise, take 5 to focus on deeper breathing and let that oxygen balance your hormones and strengthen your immune system.

Water. An instant natural remedy for tension headaches and gaining clarity, as well as supporting endless body functions that suffer through dehydration. When our bodies are made up of around 70% of water and our brain 90%, it is critical that we maintain proper hydration and we’re lucky in our more western parts that it is easily accessible - so we have no excuse not to water our wellness. We recommend carrying a stainless steel or BPA free bottle, to avoid water contamination and to fuel our re-fill, re-usable eco-credentials.

Nature. Green-care is not to be underestimated and we know that being exposed to the natural outdoors or viewing scenes of nature can induce pleasant feelings and reduce all forms of stress. So, however much man-made you are surrounded by, search for some of earth’s natural resources.

Spa. Whilst spas are increasingly accessible for all and somewhere we can go to focus on calmness and have time-out, as well as professionally treating our skin and body ailments; it doesn’t need be destination hydro pool and mud wrap. Create your own sanctuary at home, with everything from meditation and yoga, listening to sounds that help you relax, exaggerating bathroom time with your favourite salts, oils and creams, or lighting a therapeutic candle.

You. Nothing soothes the soul quite like feeding it. So, whether it’s a high adrenalin activity, an extra 5 to savour breakfast, spending more time with people or with your head in poetry. Do more of it, because it’s good for you.