Wellness at Christmas by Diane Nettleton

Wellness at Christmas by Diane Nettleton

A busier time for many, the festive season can bring a certain sense of overwhelming to some. Founder Diane Nettleton let's us in on her top tips for achieving a well Christmas...

One of the seven manifestos of Global Wellness Day, of which I am a key supporter, is to spend time with family and friends. As Christmas approaches this is the most apt time of the year to do this. It is also known as potentially being one of the most stressful times of the year.

To enjoy Christmas I would recommend showing compassion for others as well as for yourself, focus on being present enjoying the moment and not anything that has gone before or worries about the year ahead.

Get plenty of fresh air. Walks in nature are healing both spiritually and physically especially after more food than normal.

Personally I try and stick to routines especially when I’m away from home. So just because it’s Christmas I don’t eat too much sugar and look at non-alcoholic drink alternatives.

I like to give gifts but look more now at experiences or gifts to benefit others and I recycle and reuse wherever possible.

Finally it’s about being happy and being with nearest and dearest.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Well Christmas.