Which Gaia ritual?

Which Gaia ritual?

The news of a re-opening date for spas was music to our ears for the nation’s well being. Spa professionals understand the mental and physical benefits of receiving a one-to-one treatment, in a naturally caring environment, and have always adhered to a high standard of health and safety.

To get back to your wellness, naturally, we take a moment to overview all 4 Gaia rituals…

Gaia Total Holistic Ritual is a deeply therapeutic ritual to release tension and stress bringing the mind and body into harmonious balance. Using advanced Balinese and Lomi Lomi techniques, originating from Hawaii, the body is exfoliated followed by an application of our nourishing Gaia mud. Once showered, a Gaia blend of your choice is poured warmly onto the body for a muscle easing massage. The Gaia rejuvenating face treatment will complete this ritual leaving a natural feeling of wellbeing, which skin is left smooth and replenished. Duration 120 minutes

Gaia Harmonious Ritual is a specialized treatment incorporating aromatherapy oils, rhythmic massage and advanced massage techniques that focus on breathing whilst applying pressure points and deep tissue massage to boost circulation, ease aches and pains and leave you feeling balanced and grounded. Duration 60 / 90 minutes

Gaia Raindrop Therapy is a healing technique using pure essential oils. It combines aromatherapy oils and moist heat to bring total balance, harmony and body wellness mentally, physically and emotionally. Techniques are used through the massage to release toxins and lymph, boosting the immune system and bringing the body back to total alignment. Ritual includes full body massage using the purest essential oils used as droplets to the back, spine and feet, a face cleanse and a nurturing scalp massage. Duration 120 minutes

Gaia Crystal Therapy brings the whole body back to a state of pure unconditional love. This treatment is personalised using crystals to discover which chakras are blocked and includes meditation, full body massage, facial using rose quartz crystals and a nurturing scalp massage. Aftercare, product advice and a crystal prescription will be recommended by your therapist. Duration 120 minutes

All Gaia Skincare rituals include a welcoming foot ritual and oil sensory consultation, to determine whether your mind and body need to be awakened, balanced or calmed.

Visit our spas page to find our spa partners, and book directly with them for your chosen Gaia Ritual.